Fal Allen


  1. Fal AllenI am…Fal Allen
  2. My job isall things technical + the brand ambassadorship
  3. My first beer was a – first beer drinking or making ? (my first beer drinking was a Schlitz malt liquor Bullfirst beer making was a dry stout)
  4. I fell in love with beer whenwhen I had my first imported beer, a draft Watney’s Red Barrel and from then on I knew beer was going to be a big part of my life
  5. I got here viaHilo, Hawaii -> University of Hawaii Manoa -> Homebrewing in Seattle -> Red Hook Brewery -> Pike Place Brewery -> short stints at misc other breweries -> Anderson Valley Brewery -> Archipelago Brewery, Singapore -> Anderson Valley Brewery
  6. I’m Good atoutside of brewing, an assortment of not that useful things – mostly starting projects that take years to complete
  7. If I had a million dollarsI would be lazing about on the beach of some small island in the middle of the South Pacific or SE Asia
  8. Most people don’t knowI am wearing women’s undergarments ….wait, you won’t publishing this will you ?
  9. If trapped on a desert island-Yes please -refer to question #7
  10. #1 most played song on my iPod isMaggot Brain (by Funkadelic)
  11. I love the sound ofthe ocean
  12. My childhood heroes were-Jackie Robinson, Andre the Giant, & my parents
  13. My favorite food isCurry in all its many & varied forms (over white rice if possible)
  14. The best part of waking up isthe opportunities of another day