Ecological Commitment

Living in a place as beautiful as Anderson Valley makes us conscious of the environment and our impact on it. So we consider the environment in every single part of our business.

Here at Anderson Valley Brewing Company, we have been crafting award-winning beers for over two decades. But our commitment to the environment runs as deep as the rich history of Anderson Valley itself. Owner and President Trey White said “I think it’s important that all companies be responsible for impacting the environment in a positive way. Resources need to be used as efficiently as possible and with an effort we can not only keep waste products out of our landfills, but useful applications can be found for them.”


In today’s drought-ridden climate of Northern California, using smart and efficient water practices is very important. “Most of the time, water used by the brewery is used three or four times before it is naturally filtered for irrigation,” says Brewmaster Fal Allen. “First to chill and then to heat liquids during the brewing process, then to actually brew the beer or to clean up afterwards, then to the ponds for filtration and ultimately for irrigation. Good environmental practices are also good business practices and we have always looked for new ways to save resources and reuse materials.”


Each year, we donate approximately 2000 pounds of spent grain to local livestock ranchers as a nutritionally-rich feed supplement. We also use spent hops from the brewing process as a natural fertilizer for our estate hop fields and landscaping throughout the beer garden and brewery grounds.  In addition, we look to repurpose items such as used bourbon barrels into planters, tables, disc golf tee markers and even artwork.



Solar Powered Brewery

In 2006, we installed an array of 768 solar-panels atop our brewhouse and employee parking structure.  Since then, we’ve relied on the power of the sun to provide us with over 40% of the energy we need to run the brewery, which has already paid for itself in energy savings that would have otherwise come from municipal providers.




We’ve been canning several of our flagship and seasonal beers since 2009. Not just because it’s better for the beer by allowing zero light and restricting headspace to minimize the oxidation, it’s better for the environment because of its lighter weight and infinite recyclability.  By recycling just one aluminum can, we save nearly 90% of the energy it would take to make a new one (that’s enough to listen to a full album on an iPod!) In addition to aluminum, we recycle 100% of our other metals, cardboard, and plastic waste and have been recognized by CalRecycle in the Waste Reduction Awards Program for 6 consecutive years.


Our brewery’s 100-barrel copper brew house was recycled from two closed breweries in Germany, Ambrose Brutting Braü (Stoffelstein) and Magnus Braü (Kassendorf).

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