Imperial Boont

imperialBoontOur first Bahl Hornin’ beer was designed to pay tribute to our flagship beer. The recipe is actually the same as regular Boont Amber, just more of every ingredient packed into the same volume- double the hops, double the malts, and double the intensity.

What we ended up with is a bigger amber ale that is velvet-smooth, robust and complex: sweet hints of medjool dates, prunes, golden raisins, and toasted marshmallows are balanced to perfection with darker notes of licorice, leather, and tobacco. The flavor is full-bodied to say the least; the moderate and balanced bitterness of the clean, noble hop flavor gives way to malty sweetness without delay. From its burnt-toffee appearance to its lingering complexity of bitter sweetness, this brew is sure to impress the most sophisticated of palates.



Pale Two-Row, Crystal (40L and 80L), Chocolate

Columbus, Bravo, Northern Brewer, Liberty

Draft Only