Beyond The Barrel: Acacia Cooper

Welcome to the first installment of our “Beyond The Barrel” series, where we take a look at the people behind the scenes here at Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

Acacia Cooper

Today we’re featuring Acacia Cooper, our R&D brewer.  She’s primarily devoted to brewing our experimental/one-off beers such as Wee Geech, Centennial Pilsner, and Nettied Madge Black IPA, although some beers (such as El Steinber) have become year-round releases.  She came to Anderson Valley in February 2012 after working at Standing Stone Brewing Co. in Ashland, OR.

Since winning the 2013 Glen Hay Falconer Foundation scholarship last December, she recently traveled to Vermont to complete the 22-week Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering course through the American Brewers Guild.  When asked about the highlights of her trip she said: “The enthusiasm of all the participants, many of which have never worked for a brewery, was amazing.  It was a great experience. Oh, and I got to try Heady Topper too.”

As far as her future plans, she hopes to continue advocating for aspiring brewers by hosting interns from the ABG and will soon be taking a welding class to increase her awesomeness.  But our Steinber Kimmie wanted to get to know the real Acacia, so she sat down for an interview to answer some real tough questions…

If you could drink a beer with anybody (alive or from history), who would it be? Bonnie Parker.

If you could participate in an foreign exchange brewer program, what country would you brew in?  Iceland.

What is your most memorable beer drinking experience? Oktoberfest at Snake River Brewing.

Finish this joke:  A brewer and a winemaker walk into a bar…   have some beers, and two brewers leave and go to the next brewpub.

Beer has been the muse of many intelligent people in history.  What’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said with a beer in your hand?  Guilt is a wasted emotion.

What beer do you secretly enjoy, but you’re ashamed of?  Busch.

You can follow @AcaciaCooper on Twitter, so do it already!

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