The Steinber Run

Today marks the first of my beer runner blogs.  Although I’ve enjoyed craft beer for most of my adult life, my enthusiasm for an active, running lifestyle was usually trumped by a couple of IPA’s and some guitar pickin’ on the back porch.  However, over the last couple of years, I’ve taken running more seriously.  I try to run 12-15 miles per week, though I don’t always hit that goal.  But I’m okay with that.  I’m not trying to impress anyone or challenge myself with a “run streak”.  My goal is simple:  I want to drink more craft beer without becoming too “soft in the middle” (as Paul Simon once said).  My mantra is true: I drink, therefore I run.

Don’t forget what you’re running for…


However, I’m a firm believer that beer drinking and running does not have to be a solo endeavor!  I coordinated my first major beer run for Anderson Valley Brewing Company during Sacramento Beer Week 2012.   It was a fun and quirky run where participants had to complete the run from start to finish carrying a can of food.  There were collection bins at the finish line (along with a beer garden!) and all the canned food donations were given to a local food bank.  I met a lot of new people who came together for a common cause and some great craft beer and since then I’ve wanted to do it more often…and then it came to me.


Pre-beer run friends!


Crossing the finish line


Breaking through the imaginary tape


Steinbers and friends


Why not put together a series of impromptu beer runs during my travels and invite local beer runners to join me?  We could meet up via Twitter in select locations across the country, run a route, then meet up for a cold steinber afterwards.  Who’s in?

Here’s a list of dates and events:

Friday, Aug 17th (Arcata, CA) We’ll be in town for the Mad River Summerfest on Saturday, but how about a run through Humboldt State University on Friday night, then grab a beer at Blondie’s or Humbrews?

Running through the Redwoods

Thursday Oct 11th– Saturday Oct 13th (Denver, CO) The Great American Beer Festival! I’ve never been to Denver so it would be awesome if some local beer runners could help coordinate a route…and of course GABF has the beers covered!

GABF baby…deekin’ on Denver!

Saturday October 20th (Boonville, CA) Our first annual Mowkeef Festival will take place from 12pm-5pm, and we’re looking to make a “Boonville Beer Run” a part of this event!  Email or Tweet @steinberrunner if you think you can make it!

Friday Oct 26th– Saturday Oct 27th (New York City, NY) Whiskyfest in NYC!  Maybe a run through Central Park?

Let’s run together so we don’t get mugged

So there you have it!  If any of you are interested, hit me up on Twitter (@avbc) or email Whether we get five people or fifty,  I’m looking forward to making new friends having a great #steinberrun!


Steve Miller is the Steinber Kimmie (Beer Guy) and resident beer runner for Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  Social Media, Sales and Marketing are a few of his favorite things.  He’s also a pretty decent home brewer, gee-tar picker and disc golfer too.  You can follow him @SteinberRunner on Twitter.

















3 Responses to “The Steinber Run”

  1. Dave August 10, 2012 5:52 am #

    how about Charlotte,NC

    • Steinber Kimmie August 13, 2012 8:21 am #


      That sounds like a great place… we’ll figure out a time when we can visit!

  2. Alan August 14, 2012 3:10 pm #

    Next time you’re near Missoula, MT, let us know. Our local running club, Run Wild Missoula, has a monthly beer run (common to have 45-65 people at a time). We’d love to have you along and would love to see more Anderson Valley beer in MT.


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