Ecological Commitment

Living in a place as beautiful as Anderson Valley makes us conscious of the environment and our impact on it. So we consider the environment in every single part of our business.

In 2006 we installed a large photo-voltaic array (otherwise known as solar panels), providing 40% of the breweries electrical needs. Anderson Valley Brewing has been a five time WRAP Award Winner in 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001, and 2000. Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) recognizes California businesses for their outstanding waste reduction efforts.

The brewery recycles all of its plastic wrap, paper, metal, glass, cardboard and plastic bottles. Organic waste is also recycled. Like many other breweries, our spent grain is used by local farmers for cattle feed. Our spent hops are applied to fields to naturally fertilize. The bottle glass, which comes from Owens-Brockway has 50 percent post-consumer and 65 percent overall recycled content.

Most recently the brewery began packaging beers in aluminum cans, a lighter and more compact packaging that requires far less energy transport and less energy to recycle other than glass. Environmentally preferable purchasing and local sourcing are also always considered as well.

The breweries 100-barrel copper brew house was recycled from two closed breweries in Germany, Ambrose Brutting Braü (Stoffelstein) and Magnus Braü (Kassendorf).

Our land management is assisted with the help of some furry friends. Of Anderson Valley’s approximately 28 acres of grass, about 10% is “mowed” using a team of goats. A non-toxic pest control system (a cat named Figaro) guards the brew house and keeps rodents out.