Running in the Redwood Curtain

It’s safe to say on 100 degree days, you’re not going to find me running outdoors.  So after a week of blistering temps and smoky skies due to wildfires in the Central Valley, I was looking forward to a road trip and a good outdoor beer run in the cool climate of the Humboldt coast.  After a long drive and workday spreading the love of local craft beer, I arrived at Humbrews in Arcata on Friday evening to rally over a cold pint of Boont and plan my route.

Normally I’d save the beer for after the run, but I felt like trying something different.  As I sat enjoying my first pint of the day, I thought about my previous beer runs through the Redwood Curtain.  The one thing that makes Humboldt runs more challenging are the many hills!  Although it makes for great conditioning, I didn’t feel like running too hard.  So I ordered another Boont and for a moment thought about just staying at the bar, but I convinced myself that I had to get out there.

I often love the first run after an extended break.  Sometimes I even run faster than my normal pace just because I’m so amped up, but with two Boonts in me, I was definitely ready!  So I charged up H Street, weaving through a maze of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vagrants.  A surprise pit-bull lunge from behind a car made me bust out a flying Heisman pose on to a nearby lawn.  There’s nothing like a near-miss from a dog bite to keep the blood flowing.  I kept a pretty good pace along 14th street across Highway 101, running a 7:30 min/mile (this is fast for me).  I looped around the campus and made my way up LK Wood to Blondie’s for a midpoint lupulin break.  They’ve got many beers to choose from, but a cold Hop Ottin’ 22 was calling my name.

HSU is a beautiful campus

Just what the Kimmie ordered

Feeling quite refreshed, I hit the parking lot and started to make my way back to Arcata Square.  It was such a beautiful evening, and after a mostly overcast day, the sun was finally out.  I finished off the last 1.4 miles in 9:55 (G Street was all downhill and I sprinted most of it.)  What a great way to end my run, and though it was fairly short overall (2.8 miles), I still got out there and did it. Somtimes, that’s all it takes-just committing to putting one foot in front of the other can always get you where you want to go.

Steve Miller is the Steinber Kimmie (Beer Guy) and resident beer runner for Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  Social Media, Sales and Marketing are a few of his favorite things.  He’s also a pretty decent home brewer, gee-tar picker and disc golfer too.  You can follow him @SteinberRunner on Twitter.




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